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Get insights about your personality with a scientific personality test. See how your compare to other programmers.

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See how influential you are as a programmer - locally, among followers, and worldwide.

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Get a profile with your influence rankings and other statistics that you can share with others.

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While we help you to understand your personality and your influence as a programmer, our survey aims to improve the understanding of programmers' personalities traits and how these traits are connected to their online presence. Just answer a few questions, receive a free report with insights to your profile, and help science.

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Our test contains only a few questions and is completed within minutes.

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We provide not only personality insights, but also extensive information about what kind of a programmer and how influential you are.

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All data can be compared with others so you can see how well you're doing.

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After completing the survey, we show our gratitute by providing you with a full report of insights.


Personality, Influence, and other Insights

Understand your online presence with our dashboard.

  • Personality analysis
  • Influence analysis
  • Global influence ranking
  • Local influence ranking for your city

Personality Analysis

We use the Big 5 personality test that divides personality in five big traits: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

Influence Ranking

Want to see your local and global impact? Our insights give you access to local and global influence rankings. Don't know what to expect? Check our global programming influencer list

Programmer Type Analysis

Find out what kind of a programmer you are and how many others like you are out there. Specialized expert or full stack generalist?

Your Influencer Profile

We'll also provide an influencer profile that you can use to show your programmer influence to others. Of course only if you want to.


Let others see your influence!

The influencer profile contains the following infos for you to share:

  • Your influence
  • Your influence rankings (in your city, your country, and globally)
  • Your most-influential followers
  • Your best repositories

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About the Project

Programmer Personality helps you to understand who you are
– and us to understand programmers.


Programmer Personality is a research project at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - one of Germany's leading technical universities.

Our goal is to understand programmers and their personalities to provide the basis for building better online experiences. To achieve this, we built this app that allows programmers to get insights to their personality and to their GitHub profile. The acquired data allows us to compare GitHub usage patterns with personality traits and understand how personality affects these usage patterns. This will be the first step to provide more insights on the relationships between personality and usage of online social networks.

Meet the Team

We're a team of researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Our mission is to explore programmers personality traits and their GitHub usage.

Karl Lorey

Karl Lorey

Master Thesis Candidate

Karl has fallen in love with social network analysis and personality. For his bachelor thesis he explored influence on Facebook. For his master thesis he aims to improve the understanding of personality among programmers.

Andrei Miclaus

Andrei Miclaus

PhD Candidate

Andrei is a PHD candidate at TECO, a research group focused on technology for pervasive computing. Andrei is also Karl's master thesis supervisor.


“The personality analysis is astonishingly correct!”

Vlad W.

“It's interesting to see how you compare to your followers and see who's more influential.”

Han C.

“I found out that I'm one of the most-influential programmers in town.”

Peter F.

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