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After your application, we check your skills and your visa eligibility. If your profile and your resume are detailed enough, we'll directly introduce you to the technical lead at your future company. If something is not detailed enough, we'll get in touch and make sure the missing details are added before you get rejected due to formalities.

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Since you've applied with us, your application will stand out from all other applications. We highlight your skills and show the employer why they should hire you. Additionally, we introduce you personally to the technical lead. After you've successfully finished the companies interview, we help you negotiate your salary and support you with moving to Germany.

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Our benefits for programmers from around the world

Willing to start your programming career in Germany? Look no further, we provide the most benefits.

English-speaking Jobs

All of our programming jobs don't require German. So you can take your time learning German, while you get along well with English in your day-to-day life. Almost every German speaks English anyway. And most of the teams in global companies do, too.

Relocation Benefits

All our jobs have relocation benefits. So after you've successfully made it through the interview process, we help you with all the paperwork. The companies also provide special benefits for foreign programmers, for example by helping you to find a flat at your new workplace.

Skill-based Applications

Developers like you don't care for fancy CVs and resumes. That's why our process is skill-based. This means when checking whether you're the perfect fit for a job, we'll test your coding skills and disregard the color or style of your CV. Skill matters, the style of your CV doesn't.

Full Application Support

The application process in Germany can be quite devastating as Germans love to have a lot of unwritten rules and regulations. Especially when it comes to the application process. We make sure you and your application are ready for Germany. Just sign up, apply for a job, and get feedback from our team instantly. This way, you won't get rejected because of some unwritten rule you broke.

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Reasons to find a programming job in Germany

Benefits of working in Germany as a programmer.

Strong Economy

Germany has one of the strongest economies of the world. The demand for educated workers is so high, Germans even invented their own word for it: "Fachkräftemangel". This means the supply of skilled workers, especially programmers, is not able to meet the demand. This is why migration to Germany is encouraged by the government and companies. Unemployment rates are thus among the lowest in the EU area.

High Quality of Life

With a programming job in Germany you benefit from a high quality of life. This high standard of living is based on guaranteed social security and low unemployment. Furthermore, Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. On top of that, Germans take work life balance, like almost everything, very seriously meaning that companies take care for you by providing paid leave, overtime compensation, and a great work environment with free drinks.

World-Class Companies

Germany is home of world-class brands, most notably the car industry with Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and many others. With the trend of digitalization these brands also strive to attract more and more programmers.

Thriving Startup Scene

If big corporates are not for you, there are also a lot of innovative and well-funded startups in Germany where you can enjoy the startup spirit and be one of the first employers to shape a company from the first day.

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